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New STREFA MTB Trophy 2024

People need challenges

People need challenges. This is how we are built. Even if we talk about something like passion, which is a value to us in itself, it is tiring to repeat the same pattern. If you are a mountain biker (and if you read this, it is very likely that you are), then training on the same loop or racing with the same people can lead to a kind of burnout. If you feel this way, this is the moment to start looking for something new, unusual, exciting. Perhaps something that will refer to the "wild" side of your personality.

The idea of a race

Sowie (Owl) Mountains are unpredictable, wilderness, hidden in the deaf, great routes waiting for versatile competitors. Wielka Sowa (Great Owl peak), Waligora, Rogowiec - the distinctive signs of the race that cause shivers on the backs of those who had the opportunity to face them. Reaching these peaks is a matter of honour for each participant, for the outstandingly ambitious, unbalanced accounts of previous editions. The completion of this race is largely a matter of strong will and the ability to cope with crises. The contestants in characteristic green shirts presented during the final decoration are outstanding individuals who managed to cope with difficult situations served only during four days of the year during the next edition of the event.

Routes 2024 (in preparation)

The routes are undoubtedly the highlight of the STREFA MTB Trophy. Sure, you can do the MTB race around the block, pull the racers on gravel and asphalt, but is it really a mountain bike? We allow ourselves to disagree with such an opinion. You can have the best organization in the world, the most delicious catering and buffets, accommodation of the highest standard (of course, we also pay attention to these elements), but without a proper "arena" of struggle it is impossible to make a real mountain show.
According to the idea of making Trophy accessible to beginners and undecided, as well as those scared by the legend of Classic, we have traditionally prepared a version of the Trophy in the form of a shortened route option. Adventure distance are a "pass" to the STREFA MTB ecstasy of MTB , it also consists of four stages, but they are equivalent to the "short" marathon distances.

Race format

STREFA MTB Trophy - this is our recipe for satisfying the most hidden "mountain lusts". If you have a desire for a real cycling challenge, something completely different, in a sense wild and extreme, then we have the solution to your problems. Whether you want to get another "scalp" in your cycling adventure, take your skills to a higher level or prepare for the World Championships in the MTB Marathon - the STREFA MTB Trophy is the race for you.
20 - 23 June 2024 - don't wait for others to overtake You!

Starting package

The entry fee (paid in accordance with the rule - the earlier the cheaper the fee) includes service and service, which enable classic participation in the event. Marking, route security, time measurement, access to buffets and many other services are guaranteed as standard. Additional elements of the starting package (such as a professional massage or individual mechanical service, souvenir cycling costumes, etc.) will increase the comfort of participation and make each subsequent kilometer of the route will be remembered for longer.
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