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Covid - 19

Dear Bikers!
Over the last several years we have been building the market for mass sports events in Poland, we did it together with You, our employees, co-workers and thousands of volunteers. During this time, we have reached the point where the biggest Polish events do not differ in organizational level from the leading competitions in Europe and those worldwide. We have always done our best to ensure your safety and to ensure an unforgettable experience of starting our events.
Today - in the face of the spreading pandemic of the new coronavirus - we find ourselves in a very difficult situation. The ever-growing list of cancelled or supervised events is just the beginning of the problems we will face.
This situation affects not only us, the organizers. It also affects our business partners, sponsors, local governments, but also the suppliers of medals, T-shirts, companies providing time-measuring services, medical security and many, many other businesses directly or indirectly related to the organization of mass sports events.
A scenario in which some of the events - including the biggest and most popular ones - will never return to the calendar again is really possible... That is why we are asking for your support.
The online hate  will not change anything. Events that will have to be cancelled will be cancelled. Others will be postponed.
In many cases - if the organization of the event and thus the costs incurred by the organizer are at an advanced level, the organizers will not be able to refund the entry fee. This is not due to anyone's bad will. Entry fees in Poland usually make up 30-70% of the event budget. The remaining funds must be obtained from sponsors or local governments. If we postpone or cancel the event, these funds will not reach to us. However, a huge part of the organization costs is already incurred.
Please remember that there are people behind the organization of events! Events like that take many months to prepare. Just like all of you, they deserve to be paid for their hard work. Today, their jobs are in real danger.
In other words, none of us are winning in this situation. No one counts the profits. We all count the losses. In tens and hundreds of thousands of zlotys. Potentially, in millions.
In these times of global pandemic we're counting on your support. We also thank you to all those who in recent weeks have shown a great understanding of this difficult situation.
We wish you much health, wisdom and patience these days. Stay at home, take care of yourself and your loved ones.
We hope to see you on the cycling routes soon!
If you agree with our appeal, share this appeal with the official hashtag: #startlater

Dear Contestants!
Due to the extremely difficult and constantly changing situation resulting from the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, as well as for the sake of the health and safety of the competitors, fans and people involved in the organization of Beskidy MTB Trophy we decided to change the date of the event and carry it out on 10-13 June 2021.
Due to the above-mentioned information, the entry fees paid by the participants will be automatically moved to the new date. If the new date of the event does not suit the participant, he or she will be able to use one of the following options, which should be decided before 1st August 2020:

  • transfer of the entry fee to 2021 (10-13 June)
  • refund paid fee minus 50% of the administrative fee

What costs are included in the administrative fee?
These are the costs we have incurred to date for the organisation of the event, which consist, among others, of the costs of preparing and planning routes, developing logistics, costs of obtaining permits and preparing documents, employees' salaries, costs of promotion, marketing, running the race office, accounting, costs of IT, graphic and design services, as well as the costs of a number of works related to the arrangements with site managers, arrangements with security services, medical teams, etc. 

  • moving the entry fee to another competitor (start in 2021)

This is a very difficult decision for us. We are aware of the fact that the pandemic has ruined not only our plans, but also those of the competitors for whom we wanted to organize this exceptional event. We are also aware of the fact that the change of date will not suit everyone and the cancellation of the event will not meet with the satisfaction of all the competitors, but we decided to respond to the competitors and propose the most favorable solution, which at this point is realistic to carry out.
We appeal - let's get through this difficult period together! Move your starter packages to a new date, or alternatively rewrite the packages to other competitors. For the persistent ones we will prepare a special gift! All explanations and correspondence should be sent to: - we will try to maintain regular contact as far as possible. 
We strongly believe that the cyclists' society will approach such difficult decisions and modifications with full understanding and forbearance. 

Take care!

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