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New face of STREFA MTB Trophy 2024

While designing the course of next year's race, we were essentially guided by these two ideas: FLOW & FUN ! A different, but solid formula of the race will show a completely different new possibilities. We focus on greater fluency, on mountain riding on great trails, thus we strive to carry out competitions on trails that give a really great joy of riding a mountain bike. We are changing and thoroughly refreshing the face of the new STREFA MTB Trophy – a process that is inevitable and will probably last several years. The 18th edition of the event will start on June 20, 2024 and for 4 days you will be able to taste some of the best MTB routes in Europe. Mountain biking in the STREFA MTB will take on a different meaning - check it out! Registration is OPEN


We will introduce a few changes, including a new distance called "Adventure" allowing for a closer look at the legend of the Trophy Stage Trails. We will show up on more narrow tracks, technical singles, sections redefining MTB routes. Of course, we will not forget about what the STREFA is famous for - we will go to still wild, untouched places. For those who are most experienced in competition we provide - the Classic distance in all its glory will continue to be the "main goal", which will require a lot of stamina to reach!
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