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Where & When

Date Sunday, 03.06.2018

Start Time distance Classic

Start Time distance MEGA



Distance Classic

Distance MEGA

60 km

52 km

Ascent: distance Classic

Ascent: distance MEGA

2420 m

2031 m

Track GPS distance Classic

Track GPS distance MEGA



Highest Point

Highest Point

993 m above the sea level

989 m above the sea level

Difficulty (1 - 6) ☆☆☆☆☆
Stage Description

This stage is a never ending "highlight". All time classics from Wielki Stożek area mixed with the best single tracks and technical downhill sections both on Polish and Czech side. Descent to Kolibska or the one from Kiczory to the finish line are the best examples. If you don't know them - you're going to love it. If not, then sell your mountain bike and think about a more peaceful hobby - chess, maybe?

HIGHLIGHTS - (really ONLY a few of them!):

1.      9 km – yellow trail descent from Wielki Stożek to Zimny village on the Czech side of the border. 

2.      27 km – technical single track "Rycerska Ścieżka" preceding a super technical red trail (the latter on Classic distance only).

3.      39 km (30 km MEGA) – 3km descent from Wielka Czantoria. Fast, wide, great for overtaking. A pleasant, flat interlude halfway through this segment and a technical, rocky section with a few drops for a grand finale. It's a really "complete" segment.

4.      46 km (37 km MEGA) – crème de la crème! 1,5 km and 220 m down and all that on a single track that goes as narrow as a with of a fatbike. Chapeau for Mr Bob Damek for showing us this piece.

5.      55 km (46 km MEGA) – Grande Finale. 10 minutes of the sickest downhill towards the finish line of Beskidy MTB Trophy 2018! A technical and diverse descent - narrow, bumpy single track, transferring to a muddy mountainous road with roots, rocks, trunks and super fast gravel segments. All the possible surfaces condensed on this 5km descent to summarise all the things we love about Beskidy MTB Trophy!  

Feed stations distance Classic

Feed stations distance MEGA

1. 21 km   2. 32 km   3. 48 km

1.21 km   2. 39 km


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