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Discover the beauty of Poland and Beskidy Mountains

Fourteen years ago we introduced new quality on the MTB scene: one venue, minimized logistics, unique and unusual nature and absolutely no compromise in terms of trails. It has changed many people’s understanding of mountain biking in this part of Europe. We let riders from around the world discover the beauty of Poland and Beskidy Mountains. This is the formula that we stick to since the very beginning. And we will continue to do so from the June 11th till the 14th, 2020, when the next edition of our race will take place.


The trails are, without any doubt, the thing that makes Beskidy MTB Trophy so special. Sure, you can ride your mountain bike around the block, or up and down wide gravel roads, but is it really what it was made for? We beg to differ. You can have the best organization, the most delicious catering, the coziest accommodation (and we care about these things with greatest attention), but without the proper “arena” you can’t make a pure MTB show. Well, you don’t have to take only our words for it…


For now there are many options of improving the races course. Surely we don’t want to lose any “cult” bits, but some of them will get a deserved “holiday” and other, never ridden trails will take their place.


Pictures speak louder than words, so take a while and watch the video from past years Beskidy MTB Trophy. Follow our website and social media for the latest updates about the race.




For now the stages and routes information refer to the 2019 edition. We will be updating them systematically. Follow our website and social media to be up to date with the race course.