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Celebrating Trophy’s 10th birthday

In 2016 Beskidy MTB Trophy is celebrating its 10th birthday. Ten years ago we introduced new quality on the MTB scene: one venue, minimized logistics, unique and unusual nature and absolutely no compromise in terms of trails. It has changed many people’s understanding of mountain biking in this part of Europe.


We have started it in 2007 and to be honest this 10 years have passed in a blink of an eye. Although the Beskidy MTB Trophy held in three countries (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) is an international race by definition, it started as an event that spiced up a local MTB marathon scene and was dominated mainly by Polish mountain bikers. Over the years it has evolved to an extraordinary, internationally recognized stage race, which is now is a battle arena for XCM national champions and real adventure seekers from different countries (even from exotic ones like Nepal, South Africa, Canada or Australia!).


Variety is a Trophy’s second name. We had hardcore rainy editions where mud was the king and the riders could not recognize themselves after the stage. On the other hand there was scorching heat of last edition, when the race was renamed to Beskidy MTB Tropic and chilled can of Coca-Cola on the finish line of the last stage tasted like the nectar of the gods. Weather and its unpredictability are definitely among the main “script writers” in the Beskids.


This term also applies to the route. People may think, that settling the event in one place gives little space for new trails and during these ten years, we have already used about everything. No need to worry. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia give us a wide choice of “bricks” for constructing challenging and entertaining route. Each year along with the well-known classics (such as Rycerzowa, Rysianka or Wielka Racza) we serve new bits to surprise even the most devoted Trophy fans. 10th jubilee edition will be no different in this matter.

This is the formula that we stick to since the very beginning. And we will continue to do so from 26th thru 29th May 2016, when the next edition of our race will take place. Come to Beskids and celebrate mountain biking with us.